Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Glass shell and Tube heat exchangers can be used for condensation of vapours, vapourisation, cooling and heating of liquid, and have come out to be more advance and beneficial for its following advantages: Bigger Heat transfer are in one unit. Less pressure drop.Stuffing box sealing allows easy tube replacement.The shell tube Heat Exchangers are available in various combinations of Glass/Metal, Metal/FRP in shell & Headers.Shell & Tube heat exchanger consists of a cylindrical shell which houses a glass tube bundle.

Tubes are sealed with shell with the help of PTFE tube sheets. Each tube is individually sealed tube sheets at both the ends. Baffles are provided in the shell to maintain state of turbulence of fluid as well as to hold the tubes.Shell & tube heat exchanger can be operated within a temp.range of - 40ºC to 150ºC on either side, however, differential temp. Should not exceeds 120ºC at any point. Also, these can be used predominantly under full vaccum, provided, provided differential pressure does not exceed 3 bar gram.

The range of overall heat transfer co-efficient in the shell & tube heat exchanger in most of the application range between 300-900 kcal/m², h, ºC These are available in different standard models from 3M² to 26 M².


CAT REF Glass Shell HTA shell dia. TOTAL LENGTH
SSRGG6/3 3 150 2500
SSRGG6/5 5 150 3800
SSRGG9/6 6 225 2800
SSRGG9/10 10 225 4100
SSRGG12/12 12 300 2800
SSRGG12/26 26 300

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