Jacketed Mixing Reactor

For Graduation on reactor kindly add G to the Cat. Ref. that means SGR 20 will be marked as SGR 20/G.

Above systems are available with different options, depending upon their size & their utility. Our Technical Department will glad to assist you in finding a suitable solution for your process requirement.

  1. Stirrer Drive: Non-Flameproof or Flameproof Motor, 192 RPM with speed regulator.
  2. Stirrer material of construction: Glass or PTFE Lined.
  3. Stirrer shape: Glass Impeller Stirrer with PTFE Blades, Vortex Stirrer, propeller stirrer & anchor stirrer.
  4. Stirring Assembly: Stirring Assembly with bellow seal or with mechanical seal.
  5. Supporting Structure: Carbon Steel, Epoxy coated Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304 & Stainless Steel 316. All structure are available in Trolley mounted form.
  6. Closing Valve: Drain Valve or Flush Bottom Outlet Valve.


Cat. Ref. Vessel Ref. Numina Cap.(l)
JSR5 VZD 5/6 5
JSR10 VZD 10/9 10
JSR20 VZD 20/12 20
JSR30 VZD 30/12 30
JSR50 VZD 50 L 50

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