Fractional Distillation Unit

This is a general purpose batch distillation unit to be operated under vacuum. Heating bath heats and evaporates the content to the vessel.

Vapours enter into the packed column and get fractionated. Vapours of low boiling liquid enter into condenser, get condensed and collected into the twin receivers. From the final receiver distillate can be removed without breaking the vacuum.

The unit is complete with a spherical vessel, drain valve heating bath, thermometer pocket, liquid inlet, packed column, a coil condenser, product cooler, and twin receivers.

Refer selection chart for different options available for heating system vessel and receiver. The unit is available in vessel size of 20, 50, 100 and 200 and 300 Litre.

Fractional Distillation Unit

Unit Cat.Ref. Reactor capacity Bath KW Packed Column Vapour Line Condenser HTA M² CoolerHTA M² Receiver Size
SSFDU20 20L 4.5 80mm x 1m 80DN 0.35 0.1 2L,5L
SSFDU50 50L 6 100mm x 1m 100DN 0.5 0.2 5L,10L
SSFDU100 100L 9 150mm x 1m 150DN 1.5 0.35 10L,20L
SSFDU200 200L 12 150mm x 1m 150DN 1.5 0.35 10L,20L
SSFDU300 300L 15 225mm x 1m 225DN 2.5 0.5 20L,20L

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